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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

CSI: Iran

There is a scene from a recent "24" episode (my favorite TV show) in which a nuclear bomb is detonated in Los Angeles, and the US President indignantly says something to the effect of "if one more bomb goes off then...." he's really gonna get mad!.

I think if a nuclear bomb were to be detonated in the US today that would be about the response it would receive.

What will it take for the US government and the West to realize that the Islamic fanatics really want to kill us? Apparently, flying planes into buildings in NY, killing American soldiers overseas in Iraq, pursuing WMD's, attacking our allies, and publicly stating that they would like to wipe out the US and our allies is not getting our attention. What does it take for another country to constitute a threat? This is a legitimate question but the answer should not be obtained by pursuing a CSI-like forensic investigation. Foreign policy decisions do certainly require evidence but not the kind necessary to convict a criminal in a court of law.

In the below article, notice the hysterical cautioness of the US intelligence chief in not concluding that Iran's "senior leadership" is "directly linked" to the weapons and Iranians (!) discovered in Iraq. Yeah, I'm sure some kooky Iranians got a few armor piercing munitions at the local market and headed over to Iraq to fight the infidels.

"We know there are Iranian weapons manufactured in Iran. We know that Quds Forces (of Iran's Revolutionary Guards) are bringing them (into Iraq)," McConnell said at a panel hearing on world threats facing the United States.

"Is there a direct link from Quds Forces delivering weapons, to the most senior leadership in Iran?" he said. "I would phrase it as 'probable' but, again, no direct link ... I am comfortable saying it's probable."

Ok, this is a country where if you get caught drinking you get your head chopped off but "Iranian weapons manufactured in Iran" brought to Iraq by Iran's Revolutionary Guards may have been missed by the Imams in charge?

Article citing evidence that Iranians are arming and training the opposition in Iraq

Newsweek article about the possibility of Iran targeting New York.

Chronology of Islamic attacks on the West since 1917. The volume of this chronology shocked even me.

From NPR re Iran's President Ahmadinejad perhaps believing himself to be "the 12th and last Imam of the Shiite branch of Islam.. hidden by God.." which "will reappear at the end of history to lead an era of Islamic justice"

So above are linked just a sampling of the evidence that:
1) Iran openly and publicly states that it wants to destroy the US and Israel
2) Iran funds, supports, and trains terrorists who kill Americans and attack our allies
3) Iran is directly interfering in a US military conflict and has killed US soldiers
4) Iran publicly states that it is pursuing nuclear power
5) Iran has and is obtaining technologically advanced weaponry from Russia among others which it has made available to its proxy army (Hezbollah and others) to fight the Israelis
5) Iran's own president indulges in apocalyptic religious fantasies about himself being anointed by God to lead an era of "Islamic justice" at the "end of history"

Meanwhile, the US is spending billions of dollars and losing soldiers every day to remain militarily engaged in a country (next door to Iran) that barely has a government, little infrastructure, no organized army with which to threaten the US or its allies, all purportedly to police Iraqi's who are in the midst of a religious and ethnic civil war.

Here is a good piece from Elan Jouro titled:
Washington's Make-Believe Policy on Iran
In it he states:
"We, the people of America, have a moral right to pursue our happiness in freedom. We owe it to ourselves to demand that our government actually fulfill its obligation to defend our freedom--not merely pretend to."


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