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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Senator Nelson's Trip to Syria an Outrage


I sent the following letter to Senator Bill Nelson in response to his outrageous decision to visit with President Assad of Syria. His actions serve to not only embolden Syria but terrorists everywhere as they see American officials coming to beg for favors from their leaders.

To: Senator Bill Nelson office

Senator Nelson's trip to Syria is an outrage. By visiting with President Assad, he has sanctioned and legitimized an outlaw regime that aids and abets terrorists including Hamas and Hezbollah and therefore belied the supposed American policy of not negotiating with terrorists.

Would Senator Nelson have visited with Hitler or Mussolini in WWII?

The only message a member of the United States Senate should send to Syria is to cease and desist supporting terrorism against the United States or face total destruction.

As a voting resident of Florida, I am appalled at the Senator's poor judgement and urge him to take action against our enemies, particularly Iran, by threatening them with immediate military action if they do not cease supporting terrorism and pursuing the development of nuclear weapons.

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